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My first experience with working with a real client. I originally worked with VRGO through CrowdReach and have worked with them since, independently.

The VRGO is a gaming product hoping to revolutionise the virtual reality industry. As the graphic & web designer at CrowdReach, my job was to rebrand the product and build a website for them showing the product off, with the target of entycing more people to support the product on kickstarter.
The Kickstarter went very well, we raised 111% of the original target with a total of £22,100. Since then, I was askedto carry on as web designer indepedently and with the brief of improving and updating the website. You can check the site out here:

The original logo I was given to develop on is the top left. Then I went through a few itterations of changing and developing the logo until until we got to the final logo seen below.(click to enlarge/shrink)

This was the final logo for VRGO.

Below is the VRGO website as of 11/01/2016, just in case the live site gets changed or whatever. It's a one page site and is fully responsive, uses smooth scrolling, cool tooltip navigation and other cool stuff!