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Set up in late 2013 by a team of 4 totally inexperienced nutters including myself. The dream: to become rich and famous by selling thousands of original hand screen printed shirts and decks.


We made about £120, sold about 30 machine printed crappy quality shirts that ran in the wash, made one deck that was actually quite good, got a total of 21 likes on facebook and then we went our separate ways to uni and work. It was great experience though as we spent a massive amount of time on it and the plan is to give it another go and do it properly this time.

I was the main designer in the group, so all of these designs are mine.
You can visit the old website (if it's still up) here: there's not much on it...
Anyway, have a look at the designs, shirts and decks we made.

All of the t-shirt designs that were for sale.(click to enlarge/shrink)

(left) Some of my personal favourite shirts. (right) Some original designs.(click to enlarge/shrink)

My favourite shirt by it's original design, called 'Dream'.(click to enlarge/shrink)

The only other 2 shirts I could find, 'Staff' and 'Barbed'.(click to enlarge/shrink)

Shed posters I created.(click to enlarge/shrink)

The 10 original deck designs.(click to enlarge/shrink)

(left) The process of making that one deck. (right) Designs for deck that was commissioned by a skater called 'Wild Boy' for upcoming competitions that was never made.(click to enlarge/shrink)

A couple of pretty photos of the deck.